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The Canale-Capoldi Family History

From Italy
To America

    The following is a brief history tracing the family roots of ANDRAI CANALE who married AMELIA CARATENUTO. The focus of this information will follow the line of their son, ANTONIO.

     Andrai and Amelia were from Mount Superiore, Italy.  Andrai, born November 30, 1856, became Sindaco, or Mayor, of the town.  On August 16th, 1911 they arrived in New York from Naples on the vessel Carpentierre.  His occupation while living in Philadelphia was as a silk weaver, making only the finest men's suits.

     Amelia lost her parents at an early age, and was raised in a nunnery.  There she was educated, and later became a teacher.  She was quite literate, and read Dante's Divine Comedy in Italian.

     Andrai and Amelia had three children: Lucia, Antonio and Florence. LUCIA was born September 14, 1885 in Puretek, Italy.  Later, she married Francesco Morrone and moved to America.  Lucia arrived in the United States from Naples on June 11, 1907 on the vessel `Sanni.'  
To learn more about the Morrone family, please go to

ANTONIO was born November 20, 1890 in Nocera Superiore, Campagnia Province.   Antonio arrived in America from Naples On October 19, 1908 on the "San Giovanni.'  FLORENCE, who was born in 1900, died at the age of 18 with the flu epidemic.  
     Antonio signed his Declaration of Intention to become a citizen on April 21, 1921.  On October 18, 1923 he signed his Petition for Naturalization while living at 6109 Yocum Street in Philadelphia, PA.  He lived for a brief time at 6317 Kingsessing Street.  By 1930 he lived at 5212 Thompson Street with his wife Maria, sons and daughter.  Andrew was 14, Orlando12, Joseph 11, Peter 8 and Florence was 10 years old. His main occupation was as a painter.  He specialized as a sign painter and worked many years painting trolley cars at Brill's Factory in Philadelphia.  

     Antonio was married to MARIA MACCIOCCHI, born January 7, 1885 in the town of Caserta, which is in the county of Sora di Campagna, Italy.  Maria's mother died in 1899 when she was only 14 years old.  With her musical talents, she became a professional singer.  As a concert singer she toured Europe and had a steady job in Berlin, Germany for two years.  In the United States she performed both opera and Italian folk songs from the East Coast to the Midwest.  She held a steady job singing with the house band where her first husband, MICHAEL CAPOLDI was the accordionist.  According to her son Orlando, her favorite visiting entertainer, while performing at this job, was the Buffalo Bill Cody Show.

     Maria gave birth to 12 children, 4 of them from Michael Capoldi, and 8 from Antonio Canale.  ROSE and TERESA CAPOLDI died as babies.  ERNEST CAPOLDI was born July 16, 1907 in Chicago, Illinois.  He was a painter, but specialized as a furniture refinisher. Married to Lucy Mascaro they had a son Ernest and daughter Marie.  Their son Ernest married Dorothy Petrillo.  Their children are Debra Ann, Donna, Ernie, Yvonne Marie and Cheryl.  Their daughter Marie married Howard MacCaughern.  Their daughter was named Theresa, called Terri.

 Maria and Michael's other son, AMADEO ROMEO CAPOLDI, called EMMETT, was born in Chicago on February 2, 1909. For 37 years, he supervised the dormitories at the University of Pennsylvania. Before that he owned a diner at Broad and Erie.  Married to Margaret Salvatore, they had a son Albert and daughter Diane.  Albert, called Buppy married Margaret (Peggy) Daniel, and their children are Albert James and Christine Marie.  Diane married John Furey and had three children, Lisa Ann, Gina Marie and Gianine Marie.  Lisa Ann married Michael Zielinski, making Diane and John the grandparents of Marissa Ann.
     When Maria was in Chicago she lived with her sister Restituto.  In Detroit, Michigan she lived at 560 Erskine Street.  With her second husband, Antonio Canale, she had 5 sons and 3 daughters.  Two of their daughters died as babies, FLORENCE CANALE at childbirth and AMELIA at 4 ½ years of age.
ANDREW, born in Detroit on May 28, 1915 became a professional opera singer. He married Lillian ? and they had two daughters, Andrea and Elaine.  

ORLANDO, born October 14, 1917 in Detroit, became a Reading Specialist starting the Reading Counsel of Southern New Jersey. He also became a composer of classical music after graduating Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia. He married Edna Mae and they had two children Phyllis and William.  William with Lorraine had a child Michelle.  Orlando's second marriage was to Eleanor DiRenzo.  Their children are Joseph Anthony, Daniel Orlando, Norina Marie, Carlo Renzo, and Carmela Amelia.

Joseph Anthony married and divorced Patty Kilburn.  Their children are Joseph and Margorie.  In 1981 Joseph Anthony married Marion Rimes.
 Daniel Orlando married and divorced Mary Lucca.
 Norina Marie married and later divorced Basil Gugliotta.  Their children are Basil Patrick, Christopher Luke and Traci Norina.  
Carlo Renzo married and later divorced Peggy Augelini.  Their child is Alexander Gregory.
Carmela Amelia married and later divorced Ed Culton.  Their children are Edward Renzo and Andrew Warren.  Carmela is now married to Richard Brown
 JOSEPH, born March 27, 1919 in Detroit, became a master carpenter.  While married to Dorothy Lowman they had two children Joseph and Anthony Orlando
Joseph married Sandy ?.  Their children are Sandy and Yolanda Pearl.  He later married Charlene?  Their children are Joseph and Dawn from Charlene's first marriage.
Anthony Orlando married Linda Susan Rossano.  They raised 4 children: 2 by Linda Susan's first marriage: Linda and Jennifer, and two from their marriage, Nicole Marion and Toni Andrea.  Linda married Christopher Milano, and Jennifer is engaged to Anthony Serran.

JOSEPH later married Yoland DiDonato, and raised Joseph and Anthony Orlando along with Janes from Yolanda's first marriage, and Robert from their marriage.
Robert married Nancy Beard.  Their children are Laura, Sam and Andrew.  

FLORENCE ROSE, born October 14, 1920 in Philadelphia, PA, was named after her deceased sister, as well as her father's sister.  On her father's Petition for Naturalization, she is listed as Florinda, however on her baptismal certificate from St. Barnabas Church, she is listed as Florence.  Her husband, JOHN FREDERICK CHIANGO, was born June 23, 1918.
Their children are John Frederick II, Amelia Maria Lucy and Anthony Orlando.
John Frederick II married Theresa (Terry) Kelly.  Their children are John Frederick III and Theresa (Tessa).  John Frederick III married Tina Marie Crockett.  Their children are Julia Elizabeth and Jessica Lynn.  Tessa married David Szuttor.
Amelia Maria Lucy (Angel) married and later divorced Michael Borenstein.
Anthony Orlando never married, devoting his life to film.  He was the Executive Director of the Film Study Center at M.I.T. in Boston, and opened the Roxy Screening Room in Philadelphia.

PETER, born March 28, 1922 in Philadelphia, was a tile mason and volunteer fireman. He married Lois ? and they had four children:  Randy, Lois, Keith and Peter.
Randy married and later divorced Vicki ?.  They had three children: Eric, Stephen and Gina.  Gina married Matt Marrone.  Randy later married Kathy ?.
Lois married and later David ? They had five children:  Staci, David, Stefani, Mary and Sharon.  Lois is now married to Jerry Marrs.
Keith married Maureen ?
Peter married Tammy, and they have a daughter.

 ANTHONY, born December 21, 1927 in Philadelphia, was a jeweler. He married and divorced Dorothy Cairo. They had two children: Helen and Anthony.  
Helen married and later divorced Ralph Givigliano.

ANTHONY later married Marie Wyse.  They had 2 children:  James and Christopher.  
James married Debra Anne Sampson.  They raised Julianne Frances, Jim's child, along with Samantha Marie and James Anthony from their marriage.  

   Still surviving from MARIA AND ANTONIO CANALE are ORLANDO CANALE, FLORENCE CANALE CHIANGO and ANTHONY CANALE.  Maria passed away in 1949, and Antonio in 1976, but their spirit and legacy lives in all of us, their descendants.  This data is just the beginning of the research.  I will continue to gather information to share.  Any genealogical research you have or may obtain in the future would be greatly appreciated if you would share it with me.  

    Author:   As Florence's daughter, I remain, Amelia Chiango, aka 'Angel'.

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