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 This page last modified on:  Monday, November 18, 2002, at 5:03pm

HOT NEWS - This is where you can view general news and  family events.
New info- as of:
New photos - and a photo 'slide-show' are on line now !
New Canale-Capoldi 'ancestor' photos on-line now !
More family reunion 'group' photos - are on line now !!!
Don't forget to read our Family Events information below:

Canale-Capoldi/Morrone - Family Reunion 2002
Al, Charlie, Louise, Florence, Jimmy, Anthony C. and Anthony M.

The Canale-Capoldi/Morrone Family Reunion
Our August, 2002 combined Canale-Capoldi/Morrone Family Reunion, at  Souderton Park, in Pennsylvania, was a real blast !!!
Lots of great food, and great family stories were shared.
Please be sure to visit the many, many new photos recently added to our web-site.  

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