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Francesco Morrone arrived in the United States at Ellis Island, New York from the town of Nocera Superiore in the province of Campania on May 23, 1902 on a ship called the Balilla - at the age of 24.  He returned to Italy in 1903, or 1904 and married Lucia Canale who was born in the town of San Clementa in the Region of Naples, in the province of Campania. They both returned to the United States in 1907, and we believe they may have come into the port of Philadelphia on a ship called the SS Carpentiere.  The first known address we have is 6150 Glenmore Ave in Southwest Philadelphia.  

Francesco Morrone's parents were Raffaele Morrone and Angeline (Bevilacqua) Morrone.  Lucia's parents were Andrai Canale and Amelia (Caratenuto) Canale.   

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Francesco Morrone had several brothers and at least one sister.  We believe their names to be Alphonse, Raffaele, Vincent, and Louise. Several of them settled in South Philadelphia around 7th & Montrose Street.

They started their family in 1908, with the birth of Raffaele (Ralph) on April 8th, 1908, followed by the birth of Angeline Florence on August 27th, 1909.  In 1911 Lucia's parents, Andrai and Amelia Canale, came to the United States through the Port of New York from Italy on August 16, 1911.  They both listed their birthplace as Mount Superiore, Italy on their Declaration of Intention.   They listed 6154 Glenworth as their address, but we now believe that should have been Glenmore Ave.  They arrived in time for the birth of Amelia (Molly) on September 18, 1911.  

Carmine (Charles) was born next on November 23rd, 1913 followed by Alphonse on November 8th, 1915.  Then came Mary, who was born on February 1st, 1918 and Louisa was born on February 8th, 1920.  Anthony was born on December 18th, 1921, then James Thomas was born on October 8th, 1925 - to complete the 'Morrone' first-family clan.

Our Family - Today!
Since 1902, when our family ancestors arrived in America, our family has grown to well over 100 people of all ages.  Primarily, our family resides in the Pennsylvania
and New Jersey areas.  We are all descendants of Francesco Morrone and Lucia (Canale) Morrone - who were the parents of 9 children who form our First Family.  

Now, there are many connecting branches to our family, such as:

...and many, many more

Now that we have started, we want to continue gathering information and to confirm the information that we already have.  So, please help by gathering any information you can and passing it on to us.   If you have information to share, please go to Contact Us - to contact a family representative.  

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